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 SeniorCare (Cost) VIP HMO


This plan is a Medicare HMO Cost plan. You may add Part D Prescription Drug Coverage for an additional monthly premium.

$130 Monthly Premium

(in addition to your
Medicare Part B premium)

cost sharing
Annual Medical Deductible $0
Out-of-Pocket Maximum $3,400

* This plan will be phased out at end of 2018, and will transfer into a new plan. Details of the 2019 plan transfer will be provided to plan members.

CEO Jeff Ingrum speaks about future changes to SeniorCare (Cost) plans: no immediate impact.  Watch Video




you'll pay
Primary Care Physician (PCP) Office Visit $10 copay
Specialist Office Visit $10 copay
Diagnostic Tests, X-Ray, Lab Services
(separate office visit copay may apply)
$10 copay
Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy $5 copay


Hospital Coverage

you'll pay
Emergency Care
(U.S. only; copay waived if admitted within 24 hours)
$125 copay
Urgent Care
(U.S. only; copay waived if admitted within 24 hours)
$40 copay
Ambulance (copay waived if admitted within 24 hours) $60 copay
Inpatient Hospital Facility $200 copay
per day for first five days (days 1-5),
then $0 for up to 90 days.
Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) $0 copay
per day for first twenty days (days 1-20),
then $30 per day for up to 100 days.
Outpatient Surgery (Facility) $5 copay
Durable Medical Equipment (DME) 10% of cost


Prescription Drug Benefits

Find your prescription drug(s) for all SWHP Medicare plans in the Formulary Drug List.

(must use network pharmacies;
no out-of-network benefits)
Basic Rx Enhanced Rx
Additional Monthly Premium $76.50 $123.20
Deductible, applies to tiers 3-5 $100 $50
Initial Coverage Amount $3,750 $3,750
Copays During Initial Coverage Period
(30-day supply, not including 90-day supply savings)
     Tier 1, Preferred Generic $4 $2
     Tier 2, Generic Drugs $20 $12
     Tier 3, Preferred Brand $47 $47
     Tier 4, Non-Preferred Brand $100 $95
     Tier 5, Specialty 31% 32%



Dental Plan Options

Dental insurance is now available during enrollment.

Learn more about the Dental Plan option.

Bonus Benefits

(all included with monthly premium)

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