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MetLife Dental


All things regarding your MetLife Dental start here.

Your time is valuable, so we created a page to put the information you need right in front of you. Dental coverage is provided by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, New York (MetLife).

Find dental providers in your area

Use the links below to find a dental provider in your area. Be sure to select 'PDP Plus' in the drop-down menu to ensure you select the right network.

Get information about your account

Log in to the MetLife MyBenefits portal to verify your eligibility, find your summary of benefits, check claims status, and more. Or call 1-855-676-9337 and speak with a MetLife customer service agent to get the answers you need.

View your Evidence of Coverage (EOC)

These booklets, accessible from your MetLife MyBenefits portal or by logging into the Member Portal give you the details about your MetLife dental coverage from January 1 – December 31.